Meetings! Bloody Meetings!

Over 40 years ago, John Cleese entertained many with his training video of the above title.In the intervening time, it seems we have learned little?  There are still way too many meetings that just fail to deliver.

What’s worse, now that we have all had to become Zoom experts, we are repeating the sins of the past using the new technology.

We have to do better – for 10 top tips on reinventing the meeting virtually – and doing it better than any face-to-face meeting – click on this link: Virtual meetings, gone wrong – a guide for the bewildered!

Spare a thought for the overworked CEO

Covid has pushed us all into ‘terra incognita’ – and that is true especially for the Board.  While, before, ‘crisis management’ was regarded by some as a ‘nice to have’, Covid-19 has ruthlessly exposed those Boards without robust contingency arrangements.

Many Boards (quite practically) have increased their CEO’s ‘delegated powers’ to provide for decisive responses to the wide array of operational challenges.  But there’s a second initiative that smart Boards also attend to: ensuring that what they have delegated is being done to the Board’s satisfaction.Of course, getting the balance right between letting the CEO get on with it versus exercising oversight is a tricky balance – that’s why being ‘a critical friend’ is so importantRead more about this here: Spare a thought for the overworked CEO